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Photo-a-Day. Day 26. Pretty, but deadly. (September 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 30. And a glorious Easter morning to you all...  (June 2010)Day 49. At least it isn't snowing!51Day 52. Foggy morning by the river.Day 53. RaincatchersDay 59. 'tis the season....Photo-a-Day. Day 63. Foxgloves... (September 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 63. I think Tim Burton designed these... (May 2011)Day 64. Irrefutable proof that April showers do bring May flowers.Photo-a-Day. Day 69. Hummmmmmm... (July 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 80. Turns out that you can't sneak up on cranes...(August 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 81. The road... (September 2009)Day 86. And with the crack of a bat, the 2011 EC Express season got underway in Eau ClaireDay 93. Just a nice day out with the whole family.Photo-a-Day. Day 94. Summer Wings... (July 2010)Day 96.  A rose, by any other name...Day 100! A flurry of Foxgloves.Day 105.  The highlight of my trip.  Johnson Falls. I could sit there all day...Day 106. A rather rare find:  The wild orchid, Pink Lady's Slipper.  (BWCAW)