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Photo-a-Day. Day 1Photo-a-Day. Day 2Photo-a-Day. Day 3Photo-a-Day. Day 4. Johnson Falls. 2011 Boundary Waters TripPhoto-a-Day. Day 5. Elbow Beach, BermudaPhoto-a-Day. Day 8.   March 2007Photo-a-Day. Day 9. Storm damaged home just east of Abbotsford, 2009. It has since been razed.Photo-a-Day. Day 10. Regal Eagle. 2010Photo-a-Day. Day 15Photo-a-Day. Day 16.  One of my happy places. (2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 17. Evening Rush Hour (2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 18. On the hunt.  (March 2012)Photo-a-Day. Day 19. Tuckered out. (July 2010)Photo-a-Day. Day 20. Now where're my keys.... (May 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 21. Just hangin' around. (June 2010)Photo-a-Day. Day 23. Mixed emotions. (February 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 24. Just park it over by the trees.... (December 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 25. We've just stepped out...forever. (November 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 26. Pretty, but deadly. (September 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 27. The Old Guard. (September 2008)