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Photo-a-Day. Day 605Photo-a-Day. Day 450Photo-a-Day. Day 284. Reunion Tower, Dallas... (March 2005)Photo-a-Day. Day 320Photo-a-Day. Day 587Photo-a-Day. Day 491Photo-a-Day. Day 391Photo-a-Day. Day 577Photo-a-Day. Day 78. Avenue of Live Oaks. Boone Hill Plantation, Charleston SC... (June 2006)Photo-a-Day. Day 383Photo-a-Day. Day 202. Very rotund... (June 2006)Photo-a-Day. Day 477Photo-a-Day. Day 476Photo-a-Day. Day 474Photo-a-Day. Day 538Photo-a-Day. Day 581Photo-a-Day. Day 332Photo-a-Day. Day 72. Doolin's official greeter horse.  (March 2007)Photo-a-Day. Day 37. A Castle on the Edge (March 2007)Photo-a-Day. Day 580