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Photo-a-Day. Day 2Photo-a-Day. Day 4. Johnson Falls. 2011 Boundary Waters TripPhoto-a-Day. Day 5. Elbow Beach, BermudaPhoto-a-Day. Day 16.  One of my happy places. (2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 50. All we need are moose. (May 2010)Photo-a-Day. Day 62. Quiet afternoon in Killarney... (March 2007)Photo-a-Day. Day 74. Bermudiful... (April 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 96. Dingle coastline... (March 2007)Photo-a-Day. Day 118. Hour by hour, day after day, year after year.... (June 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 147. Dancing Tide... (April 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 226. The end of a wonderful day of paddling. (May 2010)Photo-a-Day. Day 233. Sunset over Altoona.. (March 2012)Day 234. A reflective morning on the river.