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Photo-a-Day. Day 388Photo-a-Day. Day 378Photo-a-Day. Day 393Photo-a-Day. Day 391Photo-a-Day. Day 387Photo-a-Day. Day 375Barstow Street after MidnightHere's what a 36" x 24" canvas of the downtown photo looks like. Sells for $149+taxThis is the size of a 1 1/2" thick gallery mountBarstow Street after Midnight 2Photo-a-Day. Day 340. Calm Night At Phoenix Park... (December 2011)Photo-a-Day. Day 371Photo-a-Day. Day 362Photo-a-Day. Day 0Photo-a-Day. Day 357One of my happy places. (Washburn County 2009)Photo-a-Day. Day 322Photo-a-Day. Day 325Photo-a-Day. Day 348