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My commitment to shoot and post one new photo every day for a year. Will try for creativity but we'll see how creative I am when 11 p.m. rolls around! Many shots are straight out of the camera, but some are edited and manipulated. I'm posting 'photo art', so I'm okay with it. I'll always take a new shot but might not get it posted that day if I'm somewhere without access. Began on March 9, 2011 - my birthday. Got any ideas? I'd love to hear 'em.
Day 1. My birthday. This is the chapel in Sacred Heart Cemetery near our home. My photo-a-day year begins snowy.Day 2. Spring is fighting with Winter. Spring is winning.Day 3. Spring is still a dream right now.Day 4. Decorated church for Lent this morning. This is the base of a cross we put up. Photo treated as a painting.Day 5. More of my bird seed down the drain.Day 6.  SWEET! I was reading that more and more TV shows are gonna be in color soon.  Looks like the Hillcrest will have you covered! (by RCA no less.)Day 7. Sass, one of Sam's two sugar gliders relaxing and posing.Day 8. Toy trains in AltoonaDay 9. Rainy, foggy lunch hour. From the Dewey street bridge looking at the "S" foot bridge.Day 10. Tonight on Tru TV: "When Snowplows Attack"Day 11. Big Falls. Winter turns to Spring.Day 12. Amazing what a drop or two of gas in a driveway puddle will do.Day 13. They ain't heavy... they're my sisters (apologies to Neil Diamond)  Nick was leaving us to go back to Iowa today.Day 14. Woke up to a sleety, snowy, rainy morning. Drops on our back window and our yard lightDay 15. New snow. Serene. Even in SpringDay 17. Outside my office.Day 18. UWEC's Little Niagara on Saturday Morning.Day 19. Looking out from Riverview parkDay 16. Arctic Fox at Como Zoo. Nicely camo'd, fox!Day 20. Workers on the tower behind my office. Working on installing new WAXX antennas since our other tower collapsed