Sherry Stabenow(non-registered)
Your pictures are stunning
Claudine Connell Goiden(non-registered)
I am just amazed at how talented you are Tim!!!
Debbi Stencil(non-registered)
I'm sorry, Lydia would have been William Kittel's neice. Daughter of his brother Charles Kittel and Amelie Bohlman. Hope I didn't confuse anything. So many names floating in my head and hard to keep straight haha.
Debbi Stenicil(non-registered)
I should add that Lydia is William Kittel's baby sister :).
Debbi Stenicil(non-registered)
Hello -

Just wanted to let you know that in the photograph of Charly and Mamie Schwedd you have their names wrong. Charles and Mayme Schwede. They are my great grandparents. Thanks for fixing! :)
Also, my family tree has many more pics and info available on the Kittel family. My name there is irvixen, and my tree is public. I have recently received a large box of photographs owned by Lydia Kittel (Mayme's sister), and many are not identified. I have uploaded them all to my tree, under Lydia Kittel. Please feel free to come browse and see if any can be identified! Thanks much.
Elise Duerkop(non-registered)
dave holdener(non-registered)
public entry
Casey Welsh(non-registered)
The 4th of July fireworks pics are awesome!
Jeremy Finer(non-registered)
Love your work, your portfolio really shows your passion for photography.
Jeff Falkner(non-registered)
Fine Work Tim,, Nice Detail.
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